11th Police Athletic League inaugurated in Soyapango

On July 21, the US Embassy in El Salvador through INL and in coordination with the National Civilian Police (PNC) along with grantee Fundacion Patria Unida held the inauguration ceremony for the Soyapango Police Athletic League (PAL), with more than 800 kids in attendance.

Soyapango has already enrolled more than 600 youth at-risk  with the cooperation of the PNC delegation which now becomes the 11th Police Athletic League.

In her remarks, Ambassador Jean E. Manes, emphasized the importance of sports as a means by which young people can achieve better opportunities. The same was echoed by the PNC Soyapango Delegation chief, deputy commissioner Cesar Antonio Ortega Mejia, the Mayor of  Soyapango, Miguel Arévalo; and  the Vice Minister for Social Prevention, Luis Roberto Flores Hidalgo.

The event ended with each member of the head table kicking a ball to officially begin the PAL tournaments in Soyapango.

Soccer balls and uniforms were given to each representative of teams organized by PNC PAL instructors.

The Police Athletic League has now more than 8,000 youth at risk enrolled in the different departments of El Salvador.