U.S. Embassy Celebrates 242 Years of Independence

On June 26, 2018, the United States Embassy in El Salvador commemorated the 242nd anniversary of American independence.

In her remarks at the ceremony, U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Jean E. Manes highlighted the U.S. commitment to supporting El Salvadoran efforts. “As I begin my third year as the Ambassador in El Salvador, I have the enormous privilege of working with this great team. I could not be more proud of them and the work they do with you to forge safer countries for both of our citizens.”

The event included a presentation by Crew Percussion, from San Diego, California. Crew worked for several months worked with more than 200 young people from twelve educational centers located in plan El Salvador Seguro priority municipalities. Approximately 30 Salvadoran students from the San José de Quezaltepeque Catholic Educational Complex and the Caserío Las Brisas School Center in Sonsonate were featured in the program for their engagement with “EStomp”; A US Embassy cultural program teaching students to create music non-conventional instruments. 


Public officials, representatives of civil society, private enterprises and media attended the ceremony, which was also broadcast live through a local television channel and via the social networking platforms of the Embassy. Vice-president of El Salvador, Oscar Ortiz, the president-in-office of the Legislative Assembly, Alberto Romero, and the president of the Justice Supreme Court, Oscar Armando Pineda, also attended the ceremony.

The celebration was the finale of a series of activities around “US-El Salvador Friendship Day (June 15)” which commemorated the 155 years of bilateral ties between El Salvador and the United States.