28 Young Students Learn Firsthand About The Work Done By Law Enforcement Officers

As part of the International Law Enforcement Academy’s (ILEA) commitment to fostering a culture of violence prevention in young people, ILEA invited 28 young people from the Glasswing International project to participate in a day of activities at the facilities of the Administration for the Control of the Drug (DEA). The goal of the visit was to promote social coexistence, police engagement with citizens, and first-hand knowledge of the work done by the law enforcement officers.

The youth of the National Institute Professor Jaime Francisco Lopez de San Salvador had the opportunity to interact in a fun and educational way with DEA law enforcement officers and instructors who have extensive experience in the fight against drug trafficking.

Glasswing International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to address the roots of poverty and violence in the world through education, health and community development. As part of its education program, Glasswing has successfully implemented more than 560 extracurricular clubs in more than 95 schools in Central America.