More than 3,000 young people participate in “Exprésate 2017”

More than 3,000 students from 22 municipalities from El Salvador participated in the “Exprésate 2017 Festival”, organized by the Education for Children and Youth Project, funded by the United States through its Agency for International Development (USAID) and its partners.

U.S. Ambassador, Jean Elizabeth Manes, and the National Director of Prevention and Social Programs from the Ministry of Education, Mélida Hernández de Barrera, talked to the group of young Salvadorans during the inauguration of the festival.

Ambassador Manes told the youth, “I want to congratulate all the kids for being here, for striving day by day to get ahead. You are brave. You are determined. You win challenges every day. These are the qualities of leaders. And that is what you are, leaders in your communities in your schools, and in your classes.”

The “Festival Exprésate 2017” is a space that allows children and youth to participate in strategies that promotes leadership development through music, theater, dance and sports.  For more than three years, USAID has provided tools to promote leadership skills in 664 educational centers in the municipalities prioritized under the “Plan El Salvador Seguro” program.  The Education for Children and Youth Project, with a total USAID’s investment of $25 million, provides access to quality education for more than 370,000 students in grades seven through nine. The project is implemented by six Salvadoran organizations in the area of ​​education: Fundación para la Educación Integral Salvadoreña (FEDISAL), Fundación Salvador del Mundo (FUSALMO), Asociación Institución Salesiana (AIS), Fundación Pro Educación de El Salvador (FUNPRES), Universidad Don Bosco (UDB) y Fundación Ágape.

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