49 Youth Graduate From ¡SUPÉRATE! Hilasal Progrmme.

La Libertad— 49 young people make up the 13th graduating class of the ¡Supérate! Hilasal complementary education program. To date, this program has trained more than 3,000 students in English, information technology, and ethics. The ceremony was presided over by the Mission Director for USAID El Salvador, David Gosney, the President and Founder of ¡Supérate!, Ricardo Sagrera Bogle, and the Director General of the ¡Supérate! Program, Arturo Sagrera Palomo.

After three years of studies at ¡Supérate!, the graduates successfully obtained international certifications in a variety of areas, gaining certified English language proficiency (TOEIC) and computer skills (Microsoft Office Certification). These studies will enable them to excel both in higher education institutions and the workplace. They have also built a solid foundation in values that will allow them to continue positively impacting their communities through leadership, excellence, teamwork, self-improvement and integrity.

“I am grateful to Mr. Ricardo Sagrera Bogle and the Sagrera Palomo Foundation for enabling us young people to achieve our goals. Personally, graduating means I fulfilled the goals I set for myself three years ago. Now I’m ready to be a successful professional and a change agent,” said Diego Dimas, one of the 2019 graduates.

David Gosney encouraged the graduates to fulfill their dreams and goals using what they’ve learned during their training. “I hope all of you here will be proud of what you have achieved, and for that reason I ask you not to be afraid to dream but, on the contrary, not to be afraid to fight for your ideals. Do not define yourselves by what others think, for you, and only you, will decide what you want to do with your destiny.

Since 2007, the ¡Supérate! Hilasal Center has graduated a total of 489 young people who come from the areas of Lourdes, Quezaltepeque, Colón, San Juan Opico, San Andrés, Ciudad Arce and Congo.

The ¡Supérate! Enterprise Programme, whose motto is “Transforming Lives through Education,” was created in 2004 in El Salvador by the Sagrera Palomo e Hilasal Foundation as a social investment initiative. ¡Supérate! is a programme of academic excellence that contributes to raising the educational level of the economically poor youth of Central America, in order to provide them with better life opportunities through high-quality training in the areas of English, computing and values. The Program is supported by the United States Embassy, through its Agency for International Development (USAID), and by Microsoft, through the donation of Microsoft Office licenses.