REMARKS AMB Manes – Hanes Dye Plant Opening

Inauguración de la Nueva Operación de Teñido Textil de Hanes

Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes

Discurso de la Embajadora Jean E. Manes en la inauguración de la nueva operación de teñido textil

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish language text should be considered authoritative.

It is a great pleasure to accompany you this morning at the opening of the expansion of one of the most important plants for Hanes internationally.

Last year I had the opportunity to see the Hanes facilities and I was very impressed to see how green the industrial complex is. They are surrounded by nature and the first thing I saw when I got to the front door was a huge ceiba, hundreds of years old. And I was very impressed to see all the trees, the gardens and the modern buildings because this was not the image I had of a textile factory.

The textile industry has the potential to become an industry that generates change, if it focuses on the search to generate added value through ecological sustainability and the creation of skilled jobs. Hanes has discovered these opportunities and promotes the internal mobility of its employees, and that is why now they have managers who started in the company as warehouse assistants.

However, in order to achieve this, we need a leadership that seeks to achieve its goals with its collaborators, enhancing all the members of the company through education, offering opportunities so that they can demonstrate their skills in different areas. This is what we mean when we talk about developing human talent, providing them with a space that encourages education, continuous learning and supports self-improvement efforts.

This investment of 5.2 million dollars will create 215 new jobs, but the benefit does not remain only with the employee, because Hanes considers that the welfare of the families of their workers is essential for the growth of the company. These values ​​are reflected in their extensive continuing education programs, in health benefits through their business clinic and in the activities they carry out for the families of all their employees.

All this integral approach is what helps to build a community and therefore the positive impact that this company has goes beyond this industrial complex. This is the type of investment that takes advantage of El Salvador’s resources, but also promotes the long-term development of the country, betting on a more capable workforce and promoting a responsible corporate climate.

While there is still this model of old-fashioned maquila, with inadequate working conditions, where the employee is only a number and not a person, Hanes has shown that it does not have to remain that way. This is an example of a socially responsible company that puts its employees and the environment first and that continues to be a highly profitable brand, a global leader.

Not every investment is the same. But high standards are something that we as consumers must demand from all producers. Just yesterday I read a report on millennials, and I see a number of millennials here. And this report talks about the importance of values ​​when buying a brand. And the number 1 value on the list of what matters to millennials is how the company treats its employees. Number one. We have a responsibility as buyers to support and choose the socially responsible brands that share our values, that bet on the development of El Salvador and that seek long-term sustainability.

The private sector plays a very important role for the economic growth of El Salvador as it is the generator of employment sources. Expanding economic opportunities through investment will allow a greater number of Salvadorans to enjoy stable long-term income, and this translates into better livelihoods for workers and their families.

This is an essential element to achieve the goal that we all share, to have a safer country with a better investment climate, where all Salvadorans have the opportunity to make their life projects come true. I hope that this investment serves as an opportunity to promote development and lay the foundations for the textile industry of the future.

Many congratulations and many thanks.

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish language text should be considered authoritative.