Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes Education Fair Remarks, Hotel Barceló Salón Bristol

Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes Education Fair RemarksTuesday, April 25, 4:00 PM, Hotel Barceló Salón Bristol

** This English translation is provided as a courtesy. The original text was prepared and delivered in Spanish; only the original Spanish text should be considered authoritative. **

Good afternoon,

It is a pleasure for me to welcome to El Salvador representatives of the Community Colleges of Lane, Northern Virginia, Northampton, Orange Coast, Shoreline and Valencia; And all of you students present here today to learn more about opportunities offered by educational institutions in the United States.

I know the first thought of student that wants to study abroad is “it’s very expensive!” At least that’s the first thought of your parents. That thought is especially present when you think of the great universities of the United States. But, the main reason that we are here this afternoon is to inform you that there is affordable education in the United States; there are viable and accessible options for Salvadorans.

My oldest daughter attended a community college for the first two years of her studies, and then she went to the University of Florida. So, I can vouch that it is a very good alternative for students who are planning to study in the United States.

The tuition and expenses incurred by a person to study at a community college are much less than that of a university. In a community college a student can receive a quality education in an internationally diverse campus. Community colleges will prepare you for the work environment, allow you to develop yourself personally and professionally, and offer you personalized learning. That is precisely the reason why these representatives are here today. They are seeking to communicate with students in order to find the perfect place for each of you.

In addition, thanks to transfer agreements with universities, a student can transfer their credits from community colleges to enter into four-year programs and obtain a bachelor’s degree in the area of their interest. And that is very important, since a student can study for two years, and then continue their studies in another university in another state if they wish. According to statistics from the American Association of Community Colleges, approximately 45% of all undergraduate students begin their studies at a community college. These offer complete programs in different careers such as: business administration, engineering, arts, tourism, culinary arts, architecture, business, accounting, biotechnology, computer science, marketing, veterinary, social sciences; Just to mention a few.

Just be sure that the community colleges you choose is an accredited institution. In addition, be sure that they have English programs that allow international students to practice and improve their language skills.

I know that the application and admission process is sometimes long and that the lack of economic resources represents a barrier. However, never be discouraged! There are a lot of programs and lines of credit open to students. Never let finances make you believe that you cannot get an education. There is always a way, and the people who are present at this fair are here to help you find a way to follow your dreams. For example, during the academic year 2015/2016, under the “100,000 Strong in the Americas” initiative, the United States Government has welcomed more than 1,600 Salvadorans to study in the United States.

I want to end by congratulating you all for being here this afternoon and having the motivation to pursue your higher education in the United States. Always remember that education is the key to economic development. Be the leaders and agents of change that El Salvador needs.

You can speak to all the representatives of all the community colleges here, you can ask for more information and to keep in touch with them. But in the meantime, continue with your studies, continue to apply all your efforts, all your energy, all your passion and from the United States we say, we believe one hundred percent in the abilities and talents of the young people of El Salvador!

Thank you very much.

** This English translation is provided as a courtesy. The original text was prepared and delivered in Spanish; only the original Spanish text should be considered authoritative. **