Ambassador Manes’ First Year in El Salvador

U.S. Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes marked the anniversary of her first year in El Salvador on March 29, 2017.  The U.S. diplomat leads a mission that includes 15 government agencies, 200 Americans and about 400 Salvadorans. Since her arrival, the Ambassador has been committed to strengthening bilateral relations and supporting efforts to create a more secure and prosperous El Salvador.

The Ambassador marked the anniversary by discussing bilateral activities and Embassy goals in interviews with television program “Hechos AM” (channel 12), radio program “Pencho and Aida” (107.7FM) and a live streaming broadcast from the Embassy Facebook account: American Embassy El Salvador, in which she spoke about his diplomatic work in the country and issues of bilateral importance, while thanking the human warmth she has received since her arrival in El Salvador, where she has been able to visit different cities of the 14 departments.

In her interviews, Ambassador Manes explained that most of the U.S. government assistance in El Salvador is focused to “support the three pillars of the Alliance for Prosperity: combatting corruption in order to strengthen the institutions; promoting economic development particularly through the economies identifies as the industries of the future; and creating employment opportunities for young people.”

Recordings of the Ambassadors’ one-year anniversary interviews are available online:

Hechos AM, Canal 12:

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Pencho and Aída 107.7:
Part 1

Part 2

Facebook live: