Ambassador Manes participates in Central American Security Conference (CENTSEC)

The Ambassador of the United States, Jean Manes, participated in the Central American Security Conference (CENTSEC), which took place on May 9th and 10th in San Salvador. The Leaders of defense and public security analyzed how to strengthen regional networks to combat the threats faced by the countries of the region.

The Commander of U.S. Southern Command, Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, attended the conference and expressed in his remarks that there is, “Still much to do to counter threat networks. We must keep striving – expand multinational and multiagency coordination, make synchronized ops the norm, align efforts with private sector, and keep developing new talent and ideas”.

At the conference, participants discussed the interconnected threats that affect regional security, advances in information sharing, joint and interagency initiatives, support for disaster relief missions, and cyber threats.

In addition, the Minister of National Defense, David Mungía Payés and Delegates of the member countries were in attendance.