Ambassador motivates young women to find their passion

On March 22, 2018, Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes, addressed over 30 students from four educational centers from Lourdes, Colón, alongside 40 women in the law enforcement profession from nine different countries who participated in the Women in Law Enforcement course at the International Academy for Law Enforcement (ILEA San Salvador).

ILEA hosted the meeting with the local girls is part of their community outreach activities to commemorate International Women’s Month with the objective of allowing the participants to share experiences and empower the next generation in El Salvador.

In her address, Ambassador Manes encouraged the girls to look for their passion and achieve the goals they set for themselves. She said to them, “My journey to this point started when I was a teenager, not much older than you, and it is not over yet. This is a journey which I constantly choose to continue.”

The 40 women leaders of Antigua, Chile, Granada, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and El Salvador.


You can read the full text of Ambassador Manes’ remarks here: Remarks by Ambassador Jean Manes at the ILEA International Women’s Month Community Outreach Event