Ambassador Ronald Johnson visits La Union and San Vicente departaments

The United States Ambassador, Ronald Johnson, visited La Union and San Vicente departaments on November 30 and December 1, to learn first-hand about bilateral cooperation projects in that area of the country, which has been a long standing key priority. Another focus of the visit was developing cooperation aimed at the economic development and sustainability of El Salvador, as well as to reduce illegal migration from the region.

On his first day in La Unión, Ambassador Johnson held a meeting with Salvadoran Defense Minister René Merino Monroy and representatives of the Salvadoran military to discuss ways to strengthen US cooperation and support on matters of regional security. Mr. Johnson spoke with members of the Tactical Operational Maritime Response Section (STORM), a unit of the National Civil Police that has received  equipment and training by the Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) of the United States Embassy in El Salvador to combat organized crime.

On his second day in La Unión Ambassador Johnson witnessed a joint exercise between the United States Navy and El Salvador with the American cargo ship Burlington. This high-speed vessel supports the top priority efforts against drug trafficking in the region.

Back in San Salvador, the Ambassador visited the FÓRMATE Center in San Vicente. A program supported by USAID El Salvador to help prevent youth migration and recruitment by gangs to join a life of violence and is an example of how with the right skills and a strong community, it is possible to overcome challenges faced by Salvadoran society.


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