Aurora, Colorado, and Ilopango, sign sister city agreement

San Salvador, June 21st, 2023

U.S. Ambassador, William Duncan, participated as a witness in the signing ceremony of a letter of understanding for the sister city agreement between Aurora, Colorado, with Ilopango, San Salvador.

The mayor of Ilopango, José Chicas, signed the memorandum in San Salvador, while the mayor of the city of Aurora, Mike Coffman did it in in Denver, Colorado. This agreement will contribute to the economic, tourist and cultural development of both cities.   

For the Mayor of Ilopango, the city is a pole of development, it is important to implement strategies and international ties that allow him to increase his commercial and tourist activity, attracting investments that in turn generate growth and employment opportunities for the people, who live in both cities. 

With this agreement, both cities agree to support each other to organize and develop experiences, common activities and future programs of mutual cooperation and shared learning, as well as growth opportunities for youth through educational exchanges, in addition to the execution of environmental projects and international trade.

This type of international agreements will not only benefit the municipality of Ilopango but also all the departments with which the Ilopango lake is shared, since the Edil is currently developing growth strategies for the natural basin where ferries will soon be available, which will allow that tourism can be extended to other municipalities.