“Beyond The Horizon 2015” Begins

Beneficiary childrens of the Estanzuelas School, in the municipality of QuezaltepequeOn April 9, United States Embassy in El Salvador and the Salvadoran Ministry of Defense inaugurated the military exercise “Beyond The Horizon 2015” in Estanzuelas School, in the municipality of Quezaltepeque (La Libertad). The exercise will benefit communities in the Departments of Santa Ana, San Salvador and La Libertad.

Over the next three months, the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) and the Salvadoran military will work together in order to carry out medical and veterinary campaigns and will build and repair classrooms in various public schools.

For many of the activities of the exercise, professionals from other countries will also participate. For example, in the medical brigades, medical personnel from Brazil and Colombia, in addition to professionals from the US and El Salvador, will take part.  Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte noted, “The relationships that are built and sustained through these medical exercises demonstrate the potential of the United States and our regional partners to execute humanitarian assistance activities and show our level of preparation to support during disasters in El Salvador and around Central America.”

On April 11, the medical brigades began in the community of El Coco, Chalchuapa. In this exercise, medical personnel provided services from general medicine and dental services to vaccination of pets and cattle. The medical brigades are expected to continue through June 6.

The Health Center of San Juan Opico will also benefit front the exercise, as one of the projects includes the expansion of their facilities.  The American and Salvadoran military, through the Task Forces “Northern Star” and “San Andrés” respectively, are leading all the projects that will take place throughout the three-month “Beyond the Horizon” mission.

In her closing remarks, Ambassador Aponte thanked the Salvadoran government for partnering with the United States in this exercise, as well as the U.S. servicemen for their professionalism and dedication. She concluded by saying, “I know this exercise will be successful and an example of the rewards that joint work and mutual commitment yield.

“Beyond The Horizon” is evidence of the hard work the United States and El Salvador to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between our two countries.