“Beyond the Horizon 2015” equipment arrives

The military exercise will be carried out from March 28 until June 20.
The military exercise will be carried out from March 28 until June 20.

On Friday March 13, representatives of the US Embassy, ??the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), and the Ministry of Defense of El Salvador officially announced the humanitarian exercise “Beyond the Horizon 2015.” The announcement took place with the arrival of equipment and supplies that will support the exercise.  This joint effort between the US and El Salvador will benefit 15 schools, will build a medical lab and will perform various medical brigades to bring healthcare to communities in El Salvador.

250 US troops in two-week rotations and 150 of the Armed Forces of El Salvador will be working together in the infrastructure projects and medical brigades from 28 March to 20 June.  The exercise has a cost of $ 9.8 million.

General William Mejia, Chief of Staff of the Salvadoran Army said that during the exercise, 15 schools classrooms will be rebuilt, five schools and a medical laboratory will be built and medical and veterinary brigades four days will be made. Arnulfo Castro schools Chalchuapa (Santa Ana), New Consumidero San Juan Opico (La Libertad) and Estanzuelas of Resume (La Libertad) will benefit; addition, the Health Unit of San Juan Opico be expanded through the construction of a new clinical laboratory.

The medical missions will be held from April 11-24th in the community of El Coco, jurisdiction of El Paste in Chalchuapa, Department of Santa Ana; from May 9-15 at the school in Santa Lucía de Ciudad Arce, La Libertad; from May 16-12 in Joya de Ceren deSan Juan Opico school in La Libertad and from May 23 to June 6 at the National Institute of Nejapa in San Salvador.

Colonel Robert Wagner, Chief of the military group of the US Embassy in El Salvador, said that most US troops participating in the exercise are engineers and doctors. The Colonel Wagner said the contingent of troops to this military exercise is supported by personnel from Colombia, Canada, Chile and Brazil, and that this exercise is a sign of the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between the US and El Salvador.

The team, from the US, who arrived by sea consists of trucks and construction machinery and building material and medicine for medical brigades. Another part of the team came overland from the military base of Soto Cano in Honduras.

The organization of this exercise began last year, and was coordinated with the Ministries of Education, Health and Defense, Departmental Management Office and the Armed Forces and the SOUTHCOM.