More than 200 young encoders participate in “Cihuahack” launch

As part of U.S. Government support to Salvadorans, more than 200 young coders met in San Salvador to participate in the “Cihuahack” launch, a series of virtual reality activities to develop their skills.


U.S. augmented reality and app developer Megan Slater and Cihuatán Chief Archaeologist Paul Amaroli participated in the event, Salvadoran-American Binational Center (CCSA), CEO Erlinda de Moras and Korinver CEO Mauricio Quevedo, participated in the launching activities, which took place on august 25.

Megan Slater discussed recent trends in the rapidly growing virtual reality and augmented reality industry. In a roundtable, Salvadoran entrepreneurs talked about the future of the industry in El Salvador.

“As an American Space, the CCSA supports Cihuahack because it touches on all the values we promote: excellence, openness to education, and orientation toward the future for the development of El Salvador”, said Dr. Moras.

In the next stage of “Cihuahack” to be held on October 27 and 28, participants will take on the challenge of developing an app that will recreate the Cihuatán archeological site as it looked in its prime in the ninth and tenth centuries A.D., using virtual and augmented reality.

The United States seeks to extend opportunities to young Salvadorans, promote innovation, and support entrepreneurship in information technology as one of the most promising sectors for the economy of El Salvador.


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