The city of Villa de Meanguera receives a $200,000 ambulance donation

The U.S. Embassy Military Group, through its Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP), donated an ambulance valued at $200,000 to the Municipality of Villa de Meanguera, Morazán.

The event was attended by members of government institutions, churches, community representatives, inhabitants and educational centers.

Colonel Elliot Harris said: “Our nations have a long history of friendship, and this donation is part of the results of that effort that continues strengthening the bonds of affection and cooperation between our countries. We are very happy to contribute to making El Salvador more prosperous and secure.”

The ambulance will provide emergency support to a community of 8,018 inhabitants and the donation is part of the projects that are contributing to strengthen the emergency and crisis response capabilities of El Salvador.

The Secretary for Vulnerability Affairs and General Director of Civil Protection, Jorge Antonio Meléndez, attended the event and thanked the Southern Command for showing its willingness to help upon hearing about the petition from the municipality of Meanguera.