Equipment and construction materials for “Beyond the Horizon 2018” arrive at the port in Acajutla

The “Beyond the Horizon” humanitarian exercise will offer medical services and carry out engineering projects.

On April 14, 2018, the USNS Brittin arrived at the port of Acajutla to kick off the joint U.S.-El Salvador humanitarian exercise known as “Beyond the Horizon 2018” with the arrival of the equipment and construction materials that will support the program in Zacatecoluca.

These materials will be transported to the municipality of Zacatecoluca, La Paz, where five construction projects will be carried out. In addition, five Medical Readiness Training Exercises (MEDRETE) will take place as part of this joint effort. The arrival and unloading of material will be completed on May 28. The U.S. personnel will start to arrive to the country in May to begin the different engineering and medical projects.

“Beyond the Horizon 2018” is an example of the cooperation between the United States and El Salvador, through the United States Embassy, the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health of El Salvador in support of the El Salvador Seguro Plan. This joint exercise took place for the first time in El Salvador in 1993 under the name “Strong Paths” and was later renamed “New Horizons.” The main objective of this initiative is to help those in need and serve as an example of the strong friendship and bonds of cooperation between our countries.

We will share more information about this program in the coming weeks. You can follow our preparation activities here, or