Expansion of the Litoral Highway

Expansion of the Litoral Highway

Expansión de la Carretera del Litoral

Today we celebrate the conclusion of one of the most emblematic projects of FOMILENIO II: The expansion of the Litoral highway, between Comalapa and Zacatecoluca. In the last five years, we have worked together to make this work that is already benefiting Salvadorans a reality.

This activity seeks to alleviate congestion on the coastal highway (“CA-2”) in La Paz, one of the two most important logistics corridors in the country and which connects the largest logistics assets in the country, such as the two ports. maritime (La Unión and Acajutla) and the International airport of El Salvador.

The activity will finance the construction for the opening, improvement or rehabilitation of two sections of the CA-2: the 7.22-kilometer section from Comalapa to La Herradura and the 16.98-kilometer segment from La Herradura to Zacatecoluca.

The expansion of the highway means more than a street in good condition, it means reducing the times and costs of freight transport; in other words, streamline trade. Did you know that each day of delay reduces the trade by 1%; And in the case of perishable products, each additional day of delay reduces exports by 7%?
As your #Refiable Partner, we want to support El Salvador to improve its economic conditions with long-lasting, sustainable and strategic programs that promote significant changes.