The first Youth Council El Salvador presented by U.S Embassy

Antiguo Cuscatlán, Febrero 24 de 2017 La Embajadora de los Estados Unidos, Jean Elizabeth Manes, presidió el lanzamiento del Consejo Juvenil de la Embajada de los Estados Unidos, conformado por jóvenes de entre 18 y 25 años de edad, procedentes de San Salvador, Santa Ana y San Miguel. Con el apoyo

The Embassy of the United States in San Salvador, alongside implementing partner Censura Cero officially launched the first “U.S. Embassy El Salvador Youth Council ” on February 24, 2017.  The Council is composed of 17 members, aged between 18 and 25 years. Each of the young members of the Council was selected for their leadership, advocacy and commitment to their community. The members of the Council stand out for the role they play in their communities and the impact they are generating within them on various issues.

Through this initiative, the Salvadoran youth will advise the Embassy on specific issues that concern this population so important for the development of the country on a quarterly basis. Likewise, the council members will work with local youth empowerment NGO, Censura Cero, to pursue community service activities that seek to builds their leadership capabilities and empowers the next generation of leaders.


U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Jean Elizabeth  Manes said,  “ The members of the Youth Council show how 17 people with diverse ideas can work together to achieve common goals. Their example should inspire us all.“