FOMILENIO II: Ready to Start Work

FOMILENIO II: ready to start workAfter being sworn in by President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, the Executive Director of FOMILENIO II and members of the Board of Directors are ready to being the implementation process of the program.

21 representatives from the public sector and civil society were sworn at the event, which was held on March 12 at the Presidential Palace.  The board members will be the highest authority in decision-making in FOMILENIO II and will responsible of process and smooth implementation of the $365.2 million program.

The FOMIELNIO II’s board members have already held some coordination meetings and they are now ready to begin their work.  For the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the role of the Board is extremely important in ensuring good governance in the implementation of the Compact and in generating national ownership, transparency and maintaining focus on achieving the expected results. The members of Board of Directors will have ultimate responsibility for the direction and decisions of FOMILENIO II, as well as the overall implementation of the Compact.

The Executive Director, as with all the candidates, went through the regular selection process after applying for the position.  He was selected after a rigorous and highly competitive process.  As of now, William Pleites is the first employee of FOMILENIO II, although a government team is accompanying him at this preparatory state of implementation.

“I am pleased that I am part of building the terms and conditions for the success of FOMILENIO II’s implementation,” said Acting Country Director of MCC in El Salvador, Sarah Crawford.

FOMILENIO II is currently in its implementation phase.   30 professionals will be hired in this phase and, as the implementation of the program progresses, other positions will open.