President Donald J. Trump Is Beginning the Next Phase In Our Fight Against Coronavirus: Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

BEGINNING THE NEXT PHASE IN THE FIGHT: President Donald J. Trump is continuing the fight against the coronavirus by beginning to reopen the country in a smart and safe way.

  • The Trump Administration is issuing new guidelines to enable individual States to reopen in phases using a deliberate, data-driven approach.
    • Under these guidelines, States will reopen one step at a time, rather than all at once.
  • The guidelines will empower Governors to tailor the phased reopening to address the situation in their State.
    • Governors can begin phased openings at the Statewide or county-by-county level.
  • These guidelines were developed by the top medical experts from across the Government and are based on verifiable metrics regarding the situation on the ground.
  • The guidelines set clear benchmarks on new cases, testing, and hospital resources for States to meet to proceed toward a phased reopening.
    • Criteria include a downward trajectory in cases presenting coronavirus-like symptoms or a downward trajectory in positive tests.
    • The criteria also included hospitals having the resources to treat all patients without crisis care and a robust testing program for healthcare workers.
CONTINUING TO PROTECT AMERICANS: These new guidelines represent the next phase in President Trump’s data-based approach to protect the health and wellbeing of Americans.
  • Thanks to the commitment and sacrifices of Americans across the country, we have seen critical progress in flattening the curve.
    • A long-term nationwide shutdown is not sustainable and would inflict wide-ranging harm on the health and wellbeing of our citizens.
  • The President’s data-based approach will protect the health and safety of Americans while laying the groundwork for economic growth.
  • These guidelines will allow healthy Americans to safely return to work as conditions allow while protecting seniors and other vulnerable Americans.
LEADING A HISTORIC MOBILIZATION: President Trump has led a historic mobilization to rapidly ramp up testing and the distribution of medical supplies.
  • President Trump mobilized the full resources of the Government and the private sector to increase the production and distribution of supplies like masks and ventilators.
    • President Trump utilized the Defense Production Act, and the private sector responded, with numerous companies stepping up to shift production to make medical supplies.
    • The Administration launched Project Airbridge to airlift supplies to the United States from around the world.
  • The President surged resources and personnel to assist healthcare providers on the frontlines.
    • At the President’s direction, the military and FEMA stood up emergency medical sites around the country, and two naval ships were deployed to assist hospitals.
  • President Trump has led an unprecedented effort to ramp up testing across the country.
    • The Administration has provided emergency use authority for dozens of new commercial tests.
    • The United States has now conducted more than 3.5 million tests – far more than any other country in the world.
    • The Food and Drug Administration continues to authorize new antibody tests that will be critical as we move toward the next phase.
  • Because of President Trump’s decisive early action, we have been able to get needed medical supplies to our healthcare workers on the frontlines and avoid deadly shortfalls.
    • No American who has needed a ventilator has gone without one.
    • States like New York, California, Washington, and Oregon have even been able to send extra ventilators to other areas that need them.