Joint Statement Regarding Irregular Migration

Joint Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador Alexandra Hill Tinoco and United States Embassy in El Salvador Chargé d ‘Affaires Brendan O’Brien Regarding Irregular Migration

San Salvador, January 25, 2021

Today Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill Tinoco and United States Embassy in El Salvador Chargé d ‘Affaires Brendan O’Brien met virtually to discuss irregular migration. 

Chargé d ‘Affaires O’Brien reiterated the strong commitment of the United States government to secure borders and stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under President Biden, this commitment continues with a renewed effort to keep the border safe during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

During the meeting, Chargé d’Affaires O’Brien stated that, as a matter of global health security, persons without proper documentation will not be allowed to enter the United States. Therefore, migrants who cross the U.S. border irregularly will be returned in accordance with legal procedures that guarantee their safety.

He also said that the United States recognizes the work promoted by the government of El Salvador to discourage irregular migration and implement measures that guarantee the application of the law against human traffickers. 

For her part, Foreign Minister Hill reiterated the commitment of the government of El Salvador to address the structural causes of irregular migration and emphasized the priority given to the development of the Salvadoran population. She also emphasized the protection of migrants at all stages of the migration cycle and the improvement of the quality of consular assistance, especially for migrant children.

The governments of El Salvador and the United States support regulated, well-organized, and safe migration, and both countries will continue to work closely together to ensure that Salvadorans have increasingly better opportunities for development.