K-9 School achievements demonstrates in El Salvador

U.S. Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes, Mayor of Lourdes,Colon Guillermo González Huezo, Head of Lourdes Colon Police Delegation Américo Pereira and the Antinarcotics Division (DAN in Spanish) representative Héctor Salomón Orellana Claros from the National Civilian Police (PNC in Spanish) Canine Technical Unit participated in the demonstration of abilities of  dogs that are part of this important division that seeks to fight against the trafficking of drugs currency and other substances in the country.

The U.S. Embassy in San Salvador, through the Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), donated five dogs trained for the PNC Unit on Narcotics, Currency, and Cadaver Detection for use of the Canine Technical Unit.

Attendees had the opportunity to see the dog demonstration highlighting their abilities in speed, agility, detection of substances, obedience, among others.

The demonstration is part of the results of U.S. Government support provided to the K-9 program over the years.

The canine program began with the donation of two dogs in 1992. This donation also included the training of handlers in Virginia. In 2003, INL initiated support that included funding for the construction of the Training School for Dogs in Planes de Renderos, and that same year, INL donated the first 4 drug-detecting dogs to the DAN. Since then, INL has donated more than a hundred canines of different breeds that have contributed to the seizure of millions of dollars in anti-drug operations.

INL has recently worked to expand currency detection capabilities and, some dogs have already been trained in the detection of corpses, which will help the PNC in cases of missing persons, gang homicides and potentially in response to natural disasters.

PNC has run the K-9 School built by INL for more than 13 years, incorporating training best practices and operations. Recently the PNC began to raise and train its own dogs, demonstrating a capable program that can support counternarcotic efforts, border security and homicide investigations across the country.

With just one year old, Atom, one of the dogs born in El Salvador of parents donated by INL, helped in the seizure of 127 kilograms of cocaine at the border crossing El Amatillo. The DAN currently has 4 instructors and 32 teams of handlers and their dog throughout the country

This demonstration seeks to show yet another example of the joint work between the U.S. and El Salvador’s government as part of our commemoration of “Friendship Day between the United States and El Salvador” as decreed by the Legislative Assembly.