Launching Social Crowdfunding Platform

On Wednesday, December 7th, U.S. Ambassador Manes stood with Celina Sol de Kriete (Executive Director of the Gloria Kriete Foundation), and Roberto Kriete to formally launch as Central America’s first crowdfunding website. This platform connects average people around the world to opportunities to support small-scale projects that can make a huge difference.

Crowdfunding through the platform provides a safe and secure means to support Salvadorans and Salvadoran communities. The donation process is secure and each project is carefully vetted to ensure that donors can rest assured that their money – whether it is $1, or $100, or more – will be put toward a good cause.  The community has already embraced this social platform. In the pre-launch phase alone, was able to raise $1,000 dollars toward an education project in El Lago de Coatepeque, almost half of the fundraising goal of this project. Additionally, many of the projects on this website are supporting Plan El Salvador Seguro municipalities.

Ambassador Manes commented, “A wonderful aspect of crowdfunding is that anyone, no matter where they are or what socio-economic level they may have, can contribute to social causes that benefit entire communities. No matter how large or small, each donation is useful…Platforms like this give people power to make positive changes in the country.”