MCC Vicepresident Speaks to Students at ESEN

MCC Vicepresident Speaks to Students at ESENMaame Frimpong, vicepresident of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) led a discussion with law students at the School of Economics and Business (ESEN by its acronym in Spanish) on February25. In this roundtable discussion, Frimpong, who is also the Legal Director of MCC, spoke about her experience as a lawyer.

Frimpong shared what she learned working as a lawyer in San Francisco, California, as well as at the United States Department of Justice. There, she represented the United States in cases of government contracts, international trade, seizures, etc.

One point that was emphasized during the discussion was the issue of consumer protection, an issue that the also Chief Executive Officer on legal and ethical aspects of the MCC is an expert, as she led the field of Consumer Advocacy Civil Division and deputy prosecutor.

Maame spoke about the everyday challenges for lawyers, such as attitude towards customers, negotiation and, the issue she called the most difficult for lawyers: self-confidence. She urged students to be professional in all cases that they  work and to take each case seriously.

Finally, Frimpong highlighted the fact that El Salvador was able to get Fomilenio II. In her words, Maame said “it is difficult to get the Fomilenio I, but achieving II Fomilenio is even harder.  That speaks well of your country.”  Fomilenio II funds are intended primarily to the areas of governance, investment in human capital and investment climate.

Since signing the compact for Fomilenio II, concrete actions are being taken to implement projects that will benefit from these funds, which could begin to arrive shortly after the second quarter of 2015.