More than 2,000 Students Trained in Anti-drug Education

April 18, 2018

From April 16 to the 19, about 2,2000 young people from different educational centers in San Salvador and Cuscatlán participated in the “I choose my destiny” program given by anti-drug experts from the U.S. Administration for Drug Control (DEA).

The “I chose my destiny”  program educates young people on ways they can resist drug use and abuse through different activities that allow them to lead a drug and alcohol-free life. This acquired knowledge also lets them become leaders in their schools and communities and actors of positive change.

The experts gave the presentation to around 2,000 students in educational centers in the municipalities of Cuyultitan, San Marcos, Soyapango, Tonacatepeque, Apopa y Cuscatlán between Monday and Thursday.

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