Municipal Violence Prevention Plans Presented

Eight municipalities presented their Municipal Violence Prevention Plans, designed with the support of the United States, through its Agency for International Development (USAID) and its Violence and Crime Prevention Project.

Each Municipal Plan contains six lines of action that include strengthening the Municipal Committees for Violence Prevention, establishing outreach centers  “For My Neighborhood”,  mentoring services and coordination to improve programs and services offered to vulnerable youth in each municipality.

The eight municipalities will implement actions to prevent violence in 45 communities for two consecutive years. The United States will provide $3.8 million for all municipalities. Meanwhile, the municipalities will complement this contribution with $2.3 million. It is expected that communities, churches, private sector and NGOs will contribute $2.1 million more for a total investment of $ 8.2 million.

The selection of the eight municipalities is the result of a consensus between USAID and the Salvadoran Government.  The newly selected municipalities are: Ahuachapán Apopa, Ciudad Delgado, Mejicanos, Colón, Santa Cruz Michapa, Olocuilta and Zacatecoluca. All have been prioritized among the 50 municipalities to be supported under Plan El Salvador Seguro.

The eight selected municipalities join 12 more municipalities that are part of the first phase of the project.