PNC launches Transparency Portal

On August 22, the National Civilian Police (PNC), through its Access to Public Information Unit, presented its new Transparency Portal aimed at improving transparency in the institution and facilitating access to public information through data and statistics. The portal was developed through the Infosegura Program, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

This technological tool will allow the user to have access to 300,000 statistical records of five interrelated databases. It will also allow cross references according to geographical, time, gender and age variables, and others relevant to the information or data requested on any incident. The five databases will enable the simultaneous connection to 10,000 users. In addition, it would allow the dynamic visualization of updated statistics on security events and has an advanced analyzer component that allows obtaining geographic information by gender, ages and types of crimes.

The Deputy General Director of the PNC, Cesar Flores said: “This portal will allow us to make sure all Salvadorans — and people around the world — can know the official statistics of our country.”

Vice Minister of Justice and Public Security, Raúl Antonio López added that with the launch of this portal, the “transparency, accountability of the PNC is strengthened.”

USAID’s $21 million Infosegura Program is working with the Government of El Salvador to improve informed policy making in their violence prevention strategies, and specifically to improve the collection of crime statistics and the exchange of information among different branches of the government and the general public.

The portal will expedite the production and dissemination of police statistics and reduce response time to the public for information requests. It will include up-to-date crime statistics on reported crimes and also provide a portal for the public to access key documents such as the Criminal Code, and policing policies.

Learn more about the Transparency Portal at: