Press Statement on the Decision of Salvadoran Court to Issue Arrest Warrants for Elected Officials Involved in 1993 Amnesty Law

The U.S. government expresses its deep concern regarding the December 22 decision of an investigative court to issue arrest warrants for former deputies in leadership positions during the 1993 Legislative Assembly — Rubén Ignacio Zamora Rivas, Luis Roberto Angulo Samayoa, Raúl Antonio Peña Flores, and Raúl Manuel Somoza Alfaro  as well as former President Alfredo Félix Cristiani.  The court alleged these individuals shielded those responsible for committing crimes against humanity during the El Mozote massacre by virtue of the 1993 amnesty law passed by the Legislative Assembly.  The El Mozote massacre occurred in December 1981, when government security forces killed hundreds of villagers, including women and children.  The victims of El Mozote deserve justice after 42 years.  Unfortunately, this ruling does not help.