Remarks by Ambassador Jean Manes at “Exprésate” Event Inauguration

“Exprésate” Event Inauguration
Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes
Wednesday, October 18, 9:00 AM, CIFCO


** This translation is provided as a courtesy. Only the original Spanish copy should be considered authoritative.

And of course I want to say hello to all of you here this morning! Are you feeling energetic?

Very good! Today you have a day full of activities ahead, with many opportunities to learn and discover new things.

Some of you are going to paint, some of you are going to dance, and some of you are going to participate in sports. It doesn’t matter what you do because today is for you to feel free to be whoever you want to be. To express yourself in any way you want. Some of you already have a dream. And others have an idea. And others have a passion. But each of you has something to say.

This festival is for you, and begin to make that dream come true. To share that idea. Or to discover their passion. Maybe yours is music, or maybe your is the theater. It does not matter, we are here to support you.

I want to congratulate all the parents, teachers and directors, and all the people of the communities that are part of Exprésate. Because by being here and getting involved with the salvadoran youth, you are taking action in the future of El Salvador.

Because behind every child here, there is a family. And behind each family there is a community. And behind every community there is a nation.

That is why we are here, because you are the future of El Salvador. Your time is now.

And I want to congratulate all the kids for being here today, for striving day by day to move ahead. You are brave. You are determined. You overcome challenges every day. These are qualities of leaders. And that’s what you are, leaders in your communities in your schools, and in your classes.

Just like others have inspired you, you are an inspiration to someone else. You might not know, but maybe you have a sibling, a cousin or a classmate who looks at you and thinks: I also want to be like that too.

This is the power that each of you have. And if you have the will, you will find the way to fulfill your desires. Because among you there may be a future Minister of Education, or a future Ambassador, or perhaps even the future President of El Salvador.

The future is not written. You can make the best of your lives and your families. And what’s more, I’m sure, that you’re going to change the world.

Many thanks to all the young people who are here this morning, and on behalf of the United States of America we will continue to support you.