Remarks of Ambassador Manes – “Centro de Alcance” Inaugration Ceremony. Cuidad Delgado, El Salvador

July 25, 2017 

** This English translation is provided as a courtesy. The original text was prepared and delivered in Spanish; only the original Spanish text should be considered authoritative. **

Good morning to you all. What great energy we have this morning! I would like to once more applaud the enormous talent that the young people of this country have.

The Outreach Center we are opening today embodies much more than the four walls that form it.

It embodies an opportunity for children to grow differently, away from the violence and danger of the streets, the opportunity to learn skills that will help them change their future and the future of their communities and their country.

It embodies, in other words, a world of possibilities.

I do not have to say that crime and violence impact the lives of many families and especially of the young people of this country. In support of Plan El Salvador Seguro, the US Government is working with the Government of El Salvador and municipal governments, such as Ciudad Delgado, to provide more opportunities for youths to study, to create more and better jobs, and to foster a harmonious and prosperous environment in safer communities.

However, the government or the municipality cannot do this alone, because a society is much more than a government, it is a body of different sectors and watching over the most vulnerable is the work of all.

This center is an example of what can be achieved when everyone works together, and especially when the private sector takes a leading role in the community.

I would like to congratulate the Municipality of Ciudad Delgado, the Municipal Committee for the Prevention of Violence, and ADESCO for their work to benefit the population of this municipality.

But I also extend a special thanks to Price Philanthropies for sponsoring this center and for daring to invest in the youth of El Salvador. We need more companies to join these initiatives. I remember very well the day we met PriceSmart and they told me that they wanted to invest more in the communities of El Salvador. We asked them if they could invest in the priority areas of Plan El Salvador Seguro and they said: “yes we can.” That is the reason we are here today, because they decided to invest in the priority places of Plan El Salvador Seguro. That is why I am especially grateful to PriceSmart, because they truly responded to the call to join our efforts. Because the progress of a nation is only possible when all its members participate and are actively involved.

All of us gathered here today have one goal: a prosperous and safe El Salvador, with opportunities for all Salvadorans. But a goal without a plan is just a dream. And of course, dreaming is worthwhile, but just imagine – how many more centers could we have in this country if more companies like PriceSmart would get involved?

Everyone can contribute in different ways, and great changes are achieved through the sum of many small actions. I think you all already know this, because by being here today, you have decided to be part of this positive change. And if you continue along this path, I am sure you can build a safer and more prosperous El Salvador.

For each of the young people present here, I have a very special message for you: each and every one you are worthy, each and every one of you matter. We will continue to fight for you because you deserve it.

Thank you.

** This English translation is provided as a courtesy. The original text was prepared and delivered in Spanish; only the original Spanish text should be considered authoritative. **