Remarks by Ambassador Jean E. Manes at the first installment of resettlement housing for families along MCC’s road construction project

Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes

Tuesday May 30, 11:00 AM, El Rosario, La Paz

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish language text should be considered authoritative.

The focus of US Embassy efforts are Salvadoran citizens; on the families that make up this country. While progress always brings with it an impact, this impact can become an opportunity to improve people’s lives. That is what we have done with this project.

This project is more than a relocation, it is the construction of adequate houses for the basic necessities of life — with water pipes and electric power, and it is built with sustainable materials. These houses are are constructions where families can make a home. They are are now also  properties owners and they can be sure that they will not have to relocate again.

This relocation is the first step of the longer road construction project because FOMILENIO is about finding the solutions that Salvadorans need.

We must never forget that all our work, all  of these projects, the 5.22 million dollars that have been allocated, all of this has always been for the benefit of El Salvador. So, what we see here this morning is the direct impact that this investment has. I use the word investment intentionally because this is not a donation —  it is not a charity — these are funds destined to reap a return.

The results that can be obtained from the FOMILENIO program depend directly on the disposition and the sense of urgency with which decisions are made. El Salvador urgently needs change. Everyday is an opportunity to take steps to move the country forward. The advances that can be achieved are exponential in their results. But, this also means that what is lost to inaction is equally exponential.

The benefits that can be obtained from this compact are reliant on the agility of the procedures, the sharpness of the decisions, the determination of all the groups involved to work together to achieve our shared goal.

We can not forget that what lies behind each of these decisions are thousands of Salvadorans who seek to have a decent life in their country. There are thousands of young entrepreneurs who seek to follow their passion; thousands of children aspiring to have a future. There are 6.3 million Salvadorans who need all sectors of society to do their part and put public welfare as a focal point.

I want you to take a moment to really look at what we are doing here this morning. Remember that the work we do changes lives. This should serve as our primary motivation to move forward; to not to lose the ground we have already won; and to embrace the opportunity presented by FOMILENIO to drive El Salvador into a more prosperous future.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for your passion, your persistence and your commitment to the country. On behalf of the United States, we believe in El Salvador because we believe in all Salvadorans.

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish language text should be considered authoritative.