Remarks by Ambassador Jean Manes at the TVET Signing Ceremony

TVET Signing Ceremony
Ambassador Jean Manes
Saturday, June 30, 2017, 9:00 A.M., INSAFORP

Remarks by Ambassador Jean Manes at the TVET Signing Ceremony

June 30, 2017

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish version should be considered authoritative.

I want to thank all my distinguished colleagues at the head table.

Today we are talking about a very important step and on behalf of FOMILENIO II, that of closing the gap between demand and labor supply.

The concept is very simple, but it is a very difficult goal to achieve.

I want to take the time to talk a little bit about what we did a couple of weeks ago in Miami, during the Prosperity and Security Conference for Central America, because it has to do with what we are doing this morning. The work of each one of you in the industries of the future of this country.

During the three days of the conference, two days were a 100% about prosperity. High ranking representatives of different governments were present. From my own government, Vice President Pence, Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Kelly, and Secretary Mnuchin. Half of our cabinet was present at that meeting.

But in addition to that, senior representatives from Panama, Costa Rica, Canada, the European Union, Spain, Colombia and Mexico were present, who was co-host of the conference.

All this attention is focused on this region. In your region. In the northern triangle, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

And this is a moment that we have to take advantage of. We left those three days, two of prosperity and one of security, with a feeling of urgency about the challenges we have to face. That we cannot waste time and we cannot lose the opportunity we have at the moment.

And I ask you to work on this. During the meeting we had a moment where my own government reaffirmed support for this region and this is very important to us, because when we have a change of government, we all want to know if this new government will continue to support the efforts that the previous government had started.

In this sense, the United States government is saying that it is committed to the northern triangle, committed to continue working with you. And we need to take advantage of this moment, because this is not forever.

Of the people who participated in the conference a couple of weeks ago, there are many of them who are here, such as Technical Secretary Lorenzana. But eleven representatives of the private sector also attended. We all shared this sense of urgency at the end of the conference, to take advantage of this moment, and also to learn from other countries.

We had the participation of the President of Honduras, who presented his Honduras 2020 economic plan, and I am highlighting this because we can all learn from the lessons of different countries. If someone is a little more advanced in a subject we must take advantage of it. As well as El Salvador who made a very good presentation on the Safe El Salvador Plan.

In the part of the economy we need to take advantage of this attention that we have, and take advantage of time. There are two issues that were determined they needed to address immediately: improving the customs system, which is not a surprise to anyone in this room. And the second is the generation of employment.

But we are looking at these new groups that we have that have focused on different industries for the future of this country. We must think about how we can reduce the working time limit on these important issues. And we have to understand that the decisions we make every day have consequences. Positive or negative.

We have to think this way because we cannot waste time. We need to use every day we have to get ahead, to improve the customs system and also job creation. And this part of job creation has to do with the generation of people who can occupy these positions

A couple of days ago I mentioned that you have a gold mine in this country and that is your people. But only if we are preparing them for the jobs of the future. That is the work of each one of you and my part of the United States Government, I want to thank each one of you who are dedicating their life, their passion, their time to try to move the country forward.

Thank you very much.