Remarks by Ambassador William H. Duncan at the Casa Barrientos Inauguration

February 22, 2023

 * This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish version should be considered authoritative.

Casa Barrientos was built more than 150 years ago. It is one of the few buildings of its time that still exist in El Salvador and is a living memory of the long and complex history of this country. However, the value of this house does not lie in its past… The value of this house lies in its future.

This project represents the strength not only of Salvadorans, but it is also an example of our relationship as friendly nations. The United States government offers funding and support, but the success of a project like this depends on the commitment and dedication of the partners. The Ministry of Culture, the Mayor’s Office of Izalco, the Izalco community, were the ones who made this project a reality.

Casa Barrientos is a sample of what can be achieved when everyone works together for the same goal. Any obstacle can be overcome when you focus on finding solutions. When tiles were needed to finish restoring the roof, the neighbors and the church offered theirs. When it was determined that it was going to be restored with traditional techniques, adobero masters were sought in the surroundings who still manage the techniques and traditional knowledge. The members of the common brought sacks and sacks of ash to make the adobe blocks.

That is the Salvadoran spirit. Seeing solutions where others only see problems.

This house steeped in history now begins a new chapter. It is a space for all Izalqueños, to spread their history, their culture and their pride. It is a link to the past but also a window into the future of Izalco.

Thank you very much and congratulations to all.