Remarks by Ambassador William H. Duncan at the Energía del Pacífico Anniversary

May 11, 2023

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish version should be considered authoritative.

I know why Michael is happy to celebrate Energía del Pacífico’s first anniversary and I am delighted to be here to join you in this milestone; but let me tell you why I am happy for this anniversary. With one billion dollars, Energía del Pacífico is the largest private investment in the history of El Salvador. But I’m talking about much more than that. I am talking about investment in human capital through jobs that allow Salvadorans to aspire to a dignified life in their country. I’m talking about investment in the community with social responsibility projects. I’m talking about a company that brings with it very high standards of quality, production, development and long-term sustainability.

Sometimes US investment is seen as cooperation programs and initiatives with the public sector, but it is also seen as Pacific Energy. Private projects that come with quality jobs, with clear development policies for their employees, with a commitment to the environment and long-term sustainability.

Today, one year later, we can see what this multimillion-dollar investment has meant for the energy industry and for El Salvador. It is an example of a company that seeks to give back to the community it serves and that knows that only by investing in its people can it be successful. . Energía del Pacífico has been willing to bet on El Salvador from the beginning and is a sign of the confidence it has in the country and its commitment to continue supporting the development of El Salvador and all Salvadorans.

This is the Invenergy way of investing and it is the American corporate way of investing. El Salvador has no better friend than the United States and EDP is a sign of our commitment to this country.

I want to congratulate the entire EDP team on its first anniversary of operations, for all the success they have had, and to encourage them to continue working for a better future. Thank you.