Remarks by Ambassador William H. Duncan at the presentation of the documentary “The Sense of the Strings”

March 8, 2023

* This is a courtesy translation. Only the original Spanish version should be considered authoritative.

“El Sentido de las Cuerdas” is a strong reminder of the struggle that women face in El Salvador, of the violence to which they are subjected since they were children, and of the deep marks that it leaves on them. They represent the harsh reality of being a woman in this country, of the difficulties to survive and excel. But also, and perhaps even more important, they represent the possibility of moving forward despite their past, the hope of a better life.

On this International Women’s Day and on all the days that follow, we must remember that a prosperous future for El Salvador is only possible if we push all Salvadorans forward, especially women. Here and in the world we have seen time and time again that when we change the life of a woman, we change the life of a family, a community, an entire nation. A safe El Salvador, full of opportunities and without violence is one where women and all of society can prosper.

I want to deeply thank Marcela Zamora for telling the story of these women and all the other organizations that collaborated in the production of this documentary. And of course I want to acknowledge Brenda, Karina and Daniela, for not giving up, for not letting fear overcome and for holding on to hope and ambition for a better future.