Remarks of Ambassador Johnson expressing his appreciation for the work of the police over the New Year holiday

Remarks of Ambassador Ronald Johnson

January 3, 2020

Transit Office, National Police, San Salvador

Good morning!

I am very pleased to be here today at the in the Traffic Division of the National Civil Police alongside the General Director of the Police, Commissioner Mauricio Arriaza Chicas.

Commissioner Arriaza Chicas, without a doubt, I can say that all of us who live in El Salvador are proud of the work that the police of this division and across El Salvador.

I can assure each of the officers who worked over the holiday that their work made a big difference.  Many of us who live in El Salvador took the opportunity to go out and visit different places around the country. Seeing the traffic division agents ready to serve the citizens, and somehow controlling the traffic that increased during the holidays, gave us great peace of mind.  

The final criminal statistics released this week only go to show that your work paid off. The holiday festivities closed with a decrease in traffic accidents.  

Thank you very much, to you, and to all the police officers of the different divisions, for having worked during these festivities to give us security in the streets.