Santa Ana receives music in Festival #AmistadEnAcción

The capital of the world and branch of the sky, Santa Ana was the first, of the 6 departments on receiving this Friday June 23rd, the U.S. Symphony Of Americas, Chorus and Youth Orchestra Symphony of Don Bosco Polygon and Chalchuapa Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate the friendship between the United States and El Salvador in the series of public and free concerts of the Festival “Amistad en Acción/Frienship in Action”.     

“I have the conviction that a prosperous and safe future throughout El Salvador is possible. And the U.S. Government is committed in continuing supporting the Salvadoran efforts to do that future a reality,” U.S. Ambassador, Jean Elizabeth Manes expressed while she mentioned the initiatives that have been supported by the North American Government.

In addition, support for young people is a stronghold for the development of the Salvadoran country, so the Philharmonic Orchestra is an initiative that thanks to the project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has assembled passionate, motivated and young people full of talent.

Among the fruits of the friendship between the United States and El Salvador, Santa Ana has received support through the implementation of the GREAT program, the Municipal Prevention Committee and the creation of a career guidance center at the Catholic University of El Salvador where young people have the opportunity to learn English with the English Access program, to mention some of the efforts that seek to provide the population with safer communities, especially young people, environments of opportunity and hope.