Social Security Representatives’ Visit to San Salvador 22-26 August 2022

The U.S. Embassy in El Salvador is pleased to announce that Representatives from the Regional Federal Benefits Unit will visit San Salvador to offer services for beneficiaries or individuals with questions about U.S. Social Security and other federal benefits.

Date:   Monday, August 22nd – Friday, August 26th

Place:  American Citizens Services Unit, U.S. Embassy San Salvador – Final Boulevard Santa Elena Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad.


Each beneficiary must book an individual appointment by completing the following form:


Applying for Social Security Benefits: Bring originals and copies of the following for all applicants: Birth Certificate recorded before the age of 5, passport – if applying for auxiliary benefits or survivor’s benefits marriage and/or death certificates

SSA Proof of Life Study (FEQ): In 2022, SSA is resuming the SSA-7161-7162 (FEQ) questionnaire to beneficiaries receiving their own benefits whose social security number ended in 50 to 99 who did not submit the form in 2019, the ones ended in 00-49 not submitted in 2020 and beneficiaries over the age of 90 and/or with a representative payee.  Please complete and return the forms promptly to avoid suspension of benefits. Instructions for completing the forms once received must be followed and the form has to be returned to SSA in the envelope provided. We cannot provide the form by email or accept it by email at this time. If you do not receive the form by September 2022, please contact us for assistance.

Social Security Number Card Application: Bring a copy of your valid U.S. passport, Certificate of Birth Abroad or original birth certificate and completed form SS-5FS.

Change of Address for Social Security: Bring your current US passport or ID and a copy.

Medicare Part B Enrollment/Cancellation: To enroll in Medicare, you should complete and sign CMS-40B and to cancel your enrollment please complete and sign CMS-1763

Note: Please bring originals and legible copies of all documents to be submitted.

The best way to contact the Regional Federal Benefits Unit is by using their online form:

To learn more about the services offered by the Regional Federal Benefits Unit visit:

We look forward to seeing you there!