Social Security Representatives Visit to San Salvador 24-27 January 2022

Social Security Representatives Visit to San Salvador 24-27 January 2022

The U.S. Embassy in El Salvador is pleased to announce that representatives from the Regional Federal Benefits Office from San Jose, Costa Rica, will visit Embassy San Salvador to offer services for beneficiaries or individuals with questions about U.S. Social Security benefits. Two events will be offered for your convenience:

1st Event:

Facebook Live (For general information and questions)


Monday, January 24, 2022.


10:00 am
Place:  Embassy Facebook page.

2nd Event:

Personalized assistance with Social Security Representative


Monday January 24th to Thursday January 27th


American Citizens Services Unit, U.S. Embassy in San Salvador


You may schedule an appointment by completing the following form . Appointments are limited.

There are no family appointments

. Each family member seeking a service regarding social security benefits should make their own individual appointment.

What to bring for Social Security services:

Please bring the originals AND legible copies of all documents to be submitted.

If Applying for Social Security Benefits:

Bring originals and one copy of the following for all applicants: Birth Certificate and passport.  If applying for auxiliary benefits or survivor’s benefits, please also bring the original and a copy of the marriage certificate and/or death certificate.

Social Security Number Card Application:

Social Security Number Card Application: Bring the original and a copy of your valid U.S. passport, Certificate of Birth Abroad (or original birth certificate if registered after age five), and a completed form SS-5FS.

We look forward to seeing you soon!