SolucionES celebrates achievements in violence prevention

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), along with the Business Foundation for Educational Development (FEPADE), the National Foundation for Development (FUNDE), the Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development (FUSAL), Glasswing International and the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Developmet (FUSADES), celebrated the achievements obtained from 2012 to 2017 with the SolucionES project.

“The United States shows its commitment with the future of El Salvador, with you, supporting these positive initiatives that aim to invest in human capital, especially, Salvadoran youth,” said U.S. Ambassador, Jean Elizabeth Manes as a sign of the ties that unite the U.S. government with the Salvadoran government.

SolucionES included an investment of $42 million dollars, $20 of which was provided by USAID and $22 by the private partners. This project is an alliance between 5 organizations to prevent violence, promote private sector investment in prevention and generate knowledge through the strengthening of municipalities, Community Development Associations (ADESCO), Municipal Committees for the Prevention of Violence (CMPV) and strategic community actors.

Among the achievements obtained by SolucionES are integral attention to children and health development, research and studies focused in violence prevention, tutoring programs, arts and culture; improvement of social skills through sports, 52 public spaces recovered, basic home tasks, alliances with businesses, foundations and other organizations, 15 educational institutions, 9 investigations about violence prevention and community development, community projects as well as different programs that involved the commitment of central government, municipal governments, communities, NGO´s and Civil Society.

40,589 people were benefitted with SolucionES project, as well as 77 communities from municipalities such as Ciudad Delgado, Zacatecoluca, Santa Tecla, Ciudad Arce, San Martín, San Salvador and Sonsonate, located among the 50 more dangerous municipalities in the country and belonging to “Plan El Salvador Seguro.” The projects in violence prevention were focused on children, teenagers, young people and women, 64% of them  under the age of 18 years old.

FEPADE President, Ricardo Freund pointed out in his closing speech: “We can say proudly and satisfied: “Mission Accomplished”, mission and achievements we reap and share with USAID, partners of SolutionES, municipalities, local actors and the private sector. This is the result that we all build, working together and joining efforts, contributing to the prevention of violence and improving social coexistence.”