States Diner shows Solidarity with the law enforcement agents during the COVID-19 pandemic

States Diner is a restaurant founded by U.S. citizen Kameron Ackerman and his family. The Ackerman family started this restaurant to help orphaned and abandoned children in El Salvador.  

Kameron told U.S. embassy employees that at the start of the COVID-19 emergency, Cuscatlan Park was one of the first public places to close. With the closing of the park, the two States Diner Cafe’s located within the park also closed temporarily.  However, Kameron saw that there were many police agents and soldiers patrolling the park area and decided to offer free coffee and pastries to those officers working to protect and serve.

But, the assistance provided by the Ackerman family did not stop at the borders of Cuscatlan Park. States Diner has distributed more than 300 meals to officers, soldiers and homeless people in San Salvador two weeks in row.

Kameron Ackerman is a U.S. citizen whose parents decided to move to El Salvador in 2003. Kameron told us, “When we moved here, I was only 12 years old. We started working at another Virginia-based foundation called Orphan Helpers. Since then, we have worked with [several] different organizations.”  

State’s Diner currently generates 38 jobs for orphaned and abandoned youth.