Strengthening teaching about Holocaust

Experts from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jennifer Ciardelli and Carrie Olson, inspired 40 future educators from the Specialized Institute of Higher Education (IENS) with a message to fight against intolerance and to promote human dignity, during the talk “Learn and Teach about the Holocaust,” carried out within the context of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, that is held on January 27th. The talk took place in the American Space at IENS, a place that promotes American culture in San Salvador with the support of the US Embassy.

The speakers took students through a historic overview about the genocide during the World War II, inviting each person to remember the victims with respect while fighting racism and hate to avoid a tragedy like that to be repeated. Former Ambassador Ricardo Morán Ferracuti joined the speakers to outline the important legacy left by the Salvadoran diplomat José Arturo Castellanos, whose humanitarian work in his time as Consul in Geneva helped to save thousands of lives during the Holocaust period by issuing Salvadoran nationality certificates to the people that were running away from the genocide.

The talk was done taking advantage of the presence of the speakers in El Salvador after their participation in the “Learn and Teach about the Holocaust” seminar organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in El Salvador.