The United States donates $26,000 in school kits to five schools in Caluco

The United States donates $26,000 in school kits to five schools in Caluco

June 9, 2021

As a trusted partner to the El Salvadorian people, the United States government donated 1,150 school kits for elementary school children from Centros Escolares in Caluco,Sonsonate. The schools receiving the donations were Cantón El Zapote, Caserío Las Victorias, Caserío La Chacra, Cantón Suquiat and Cantón Plan de Amayo.

The donation was handed over by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires ad Interim Jean Manes and the head of the military group U.S. Army Col. Brian Blackstone. Receiving the donations were Mayor Nelson Cornejo Sibrián and the Principal of Cantón Plan de Amayo school Cecilia Elizabeth Santos.

This $26,000 donation was made through SOUTHCOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP), which is designed to directly relieve or reduce human suffering, disease, hunger and to increase capacity to provide essential human services to populations in need.

Since March 1, 2020, SOUTHCOM has donated more than $866,911 dollars directly to the people of El Salvador. Projects have ranged from water filtration devices, ventilators, personal protective equipment, school supplies, and hygiene kits.

This donation is representative of numerous development projects we work on together to enhance stability within El Salvador. It is in our collective interest to work together solving problems and attacking them at their root causes, so people feel safe and secure.

The United States has been a strong ally and reliable partner of El Salvador for decades. For more than 50 years, the U.S. Southern Command has focused its efforts on developing ties and strengthening this partnership with El Salvador through these humanitarian projects.