The United States supports strengthening of justice system in Sonsonate

U.S. Ambassador Jean Manes visited Sonsonate on August 31 to see first-hand the results of U.S. assistance in the area directed toward strengthening the justice system.

The first project that she visited was the re-inauguration of the Model Office of the Attorney General’s Office in Sonsonate.  Attorney General Douglas Meléndez attended the ceremony.

The construction of this model office was made possible by $128,510 in support from the United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The office was under renovation from February to July. The new facilities include a Specialized Care Unit for Women and a new unit for receiving complaints, among others. The complaints unit includes a new queue system to preserve privacy. The Ambassador and the Attorney General also could see how a new room with a one-way mirror is used to ensure anonymity of witnesses in cases under investigation.

Ambassador’s second stop in Sonsonate was at the Forensic Medicine Institute to see how cooperation among police, the Attorney General’s Office and the Forensic Medicine Institute is helping to improve investigations. This project is also supported by USAID, which provided technical support to strengthen the joint investigation team and procedures for management of crime scenes.  

Later on, Father Flavian Mucci received Ambassador Manes at Agape El Salvador, a charitable organization founded by the priest in 1978. The Ambassador discussed at length this exemplary America’s efforts to help Salvadoran youth and elderly people over the last four decades.

To end her visit, Ambassador Manes visited the facilities of Kimberly Clark, an American company that generates 1,500 jobs in Salvadoran territory. Kimberly Clark has been awarded as the largest exporter of paper products for the last 5 years for its environmental innovation by reducing the use of water and production with 100% recycled paper.