U.S. Ambassador participates in delivery of food donations sent by US NGOs

U.S. Ambassador Ronald Johnson, his wife Alina Johnson, the Executive Director of People Helping People El Salvador, Lisselot Troconis, and the director of Convoy of Hope El Salvador, Winifred Patricia Menéndez, participated this Friday in the delivery of donated food and hygiene kits sent by American NGOs in support of people affected by storms Amanda and Cristobal.

This donation was made possible by the work of U.S. NGO “People Helping People” (PHP), founded by Jeff Cardwell. The NGO took the necessary steps to obtain this donation to be sent in response to the emergencies that El Salvador faces. PHP managed to raise 64,000 pounds of non-perishable food, valued at $150,000. Since 2009, People Helping People has been bringing aid to Salvadorans.

 The distribution of this assistance has been possible thanks to the joint work of PHP with a network of the so called Hope Partners. In El Salvador, the hope partner in charge of bringing this donation to Salvadorans in different departments has been Convoy of Hope.

The delivery of the food started last week. Approximately 12,680 people from remote municipalities of Sonsonate, San Salvador, Ahuachapán, La Paz, and San Vicente will benefit with this assistance. 

The food arrived in El Salvador on August 8 in a C-17 cargo plane, which was possible through the Denton Program of the United States Department of Defense. In addition to food, the donation includes hygiene kits.

The delivery of this donation coincides with the first anniversary of the arrival of Ambassador Johnson to El Salvador. Since his arrival, Ambassador Johnson has been working tirelessly in programs that help Salvadorans and promote the development of El Salvador.