U.S. Ambassador’s Award for Corporate Excellence

On November 4, U.S. Embassy El Salvador recognized League Collegiate Outfitters (League) as the 2016 winner of the Ambassador’s Award for Corporate Excellence.

At the awards ceremony, Ambassador Manes highlighted League’s inclusive hiring practices which benefit both its employees and the community at large in a variety of ways, including providing opportunities for disabled workers and second chances for reformed gang members, who make up approximately 40 of League’s 550-person workforce.  She applauded the fact that League employs graduates from the local high school in Ciudad Obrera, which has helped reduce the school’s dropout rate from 28 to six percent.

During the presentation, three individuals whose lives had been changed by the opportunities provided by League spoke in support of the company’s practices.  League Operating Partner Mac Bridger, incoming President Pete Waldron, and out-going President Larry Klebanoff came to El Salvador to participate in the event.30682739076_ad2eb42b0e_k