Emergency Financial Assistance

Transferring Funds

If you lose your money and/or other financial resources, or are robbed, the Embassy can help you contact your family, bank, or employer to arrange for them to send funds.

To transfer funds through the State Department, information is available on the State Department Website.

Western Union uses the money-changing service, as one of its agent locations in El Salvador.  If you wish to send or receive money using the Western Union branches or authorized business closest to U.S. Embassy in San Salvador, click here.

What Receivers Need
In order to collect the money, senders must provide the cash recipient with:

  • The 10-digit confirmation number
  • Full (and correct) name and telephone number of the sender
  • Name, address and telephone number of the Western Union office in the U.S. from which the money was sent.

Cash recipients must bring photo identification.