Passport Services

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Last updated: June, 2023

Please follow the instructions outlined below when preparing to apply for a U.S. passport in El Salvador.  Do not follow the instructions pre-printed on the passport forms, or in the passport forms site as these are designed for applicants within the United States. Information from these sources such as accepted forms of payment and where to submit the application are not applicable to applicants in El Salvador.

Passport Description Fee
Renewal of Adult Passports That Were Valid for 10 Years $130
Minor Passport Renewal (15 years old or under) $135
First Time Adult Passport (16 years old or older) $165
Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Passport (Adults -16 years old or older) $165
Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Passport (Minors -15 years or under) $135


For qualified applicants, the Embassy offers adult passport renewal by mail through the local courier service Cargo Expreso.  We encourage all qualified applicants to use this service and avoid long delays in setting an appointment and inconvenient travel to the Embassy.

To see if you qualify and learn more on how to apply through Cargo Expreso, please visit the following link:

Adult Passport Renewal by Mail Using Cargo Expreso’s Courier Service (PDF 246 KB)

If you are not eligible to apply for adult passport renewal by mail, please follow the five steps below to apply for your passport (Each step is a link, please click on it to access more information):

Step 1: Discover what form(s) you need to fill out and submit

Step 2: Gather the required documents/evidence

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment Online. It is FREE!

Step 4: Show up to your appointment

Step 5: Pick up your passport

Effective June 15, 2022, if you prefer to receive your passport by mail and not return to the embassy to pick it up, during your appointment you may provide a pre-paid shipping label from Cargo Expreso. You can buy a shipping label at any Cargo Expreso agency, and it will be at that agency where you will pick up your new passport approximately 3 weeks after your appointment. There is no charge by the Embassy for this service, any fees are payable solely to Cargo Expreso.

If you still have questions after reading ALL the information contained in the above steps, please read our Frequently Asked Questions, or send us an email at