Step 4 – Show up to your appointment

Instructions for the Day of the Interview

– Please show up to your appointment 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

-Passport photos ARE NOT TAKEN INSIDE THE EMBASSY. You must come in already with your passport photo.

Payment for passport services is done INSIDE the embassy. Payment can be done in cash or credit card only. If payment is made in cash, please pay the exact amount. There is no expediting fee when applying outside the United States.


Our office is on the first floor of the Chancery Building and the entrance is through the Diplomatic Entrance (not the busy one used for visas) located on Boulevard Santa Elena.


There are several items that are not allowed to enter the U.S. Embassy, such as cellphones, digital watches, cameras, etc. Visit the following link to see the complete list: Visiting the Embassy.


 Arriving & Parking
There is no parking available at the Embassy for users. However, if you have any mobility limitations (use of a wheelchair, walker, elderly, advanced pregnancy, etc.) you may be allowed to park temporarily in the visitors parking lot to facilitate your access to the Embassy’s pedestrian entries. Please take into consideration that your vehicle will not be allowed to remain in the visitor’s parking lot, unless you are the driver.

Wheelchair Availability
There are wheelchairs available at the Embassy’s pedestrian entrances. Please make sure you inform the guards about your need of a wheelchair and come with a companion to help you move through the different stages of the process.

-For minors, first time adult passports applicants, and special circumstances cases, the estimated time for the process inside the Embassy is 45 minutes. Adult renewal applicants do not require an interview. Estimated time for adult renewal applicants is 15-20 minutes.



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